I just miss a good RSS reader on , I’m reading about news(1) and the 2 API that miniflux offers. Or not, I can live without syncing what I’ve read.

Yea the chibis in faces are from Metal Gear Solid :cooldog:

Making icons is really fun when I’m bored ahah :glenda:

@royo that looks so good! i really want to make use of faces more. what is the 'buffered tasks' thing?


arriving messages: only new emails from Inbox, newsletters and mailing lists

buffered tasks: email moved to my “later” mailbox or notes/todos I email to myself (filtered so I don’t get dupes in my Sent)

It works well because It’s a notification tray that you DO NOT want to get filled ahah :glenda:

@royo it's funny because i originally did not set up any communication stuff on 9front out of being too busy to really dig into it, but now i'm weirdly protective because without it it feels like a total focus zone and i kinda dont wanna upset the balance :D

@dogstar i send a ton of emails so it’s one of the first thing I tried to understand and make pleasant to use :>

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